5 marketing strategy:

To say that one marketing strategy is better than others is a definate wrong, but to be fair, at least for me, all marketing strategy is likely based on the famous 4Ps or 7Ps’ in marketing strategy that we study at collage and university.

Originally this post was writen by Andy Beal of marketingpilgrim.com, im just summarise the 5 steps towards marketing strategy outline by him, consicely explained every points , he made marketing sound so simple and easy (as long as we had the resource and depending on your target market).

As Marketing is what i do for living right now, i believed this article is worth sharing with you guys.

Normally people and myself would ask the same question;

how do I attract new clients and grow my business?

Im not a gurus in marketing, infact in my college years, im strugling to get PASS on the subject ( miss the gud old collage years)…my marketing lectures was one of the most beautiful lecturer i ever had…hahaha miss all my lecturers laa…

InsyaAllah…outlined strategies should gives us all the guidence towards a better earnings if followed…

  1. Stand Out From the Crowd: standout If you are No different than others in the markets, how can you compete? is it enough by simply blending with others?…why should they pick you instead of other firms that already established. If you want to avoid falling victim to this wasteland of mediocrity, you’ll have to be different. bEING different is not reinventing the wheel or being radical,it is by atracting the client attention and show them thats we are different. try to find your niche (something thats make you differents than the others).
  2. Write articles to establish your agency as a thought-leader: writeIts doesnt mean that you had to published your article in the top megazine ( ..why not if you got the resources), you could always start smalls, in your own blog, in small publications like collage buletins, form there you could built-up your way to the major publications. Once you have dozens of articles floating around with your name and bio attached to them, you’ll likely find more and more prospective clients contacting you. A client that reads your great “how-to” articles is more likely to be proactive in seeking a business relationship with you. In the meantime, those clients you’re actively seeking can be directed to your great literary works as a way to install confidence in your firm’s ability and credibility.
  3. Step-up to the microphone and be heard: talkThe same concept as writing, you can use your new found credibility and confident to talk your thought and case, starting with a small seminars… dont be afraid to talk and be heard. Dont forget to includes any speaking credentials in any way posibble (websites or publications) to impress your potential clients. If they has a choice between two firms, certainly the favors is that the one who can show it has so much talent and expertise that it is often invited to speak at conferences.
  4. Hire a public relations firm: PRCost of hiring a public relation (PR) would not be cheap, but believed me its worth the penny spend, it could cost Ribu-ribu ($$$$…) a month to hire a good PR firms. They will get yourself noticed, getting quoted in the press and magezines.. if money is not an object you could even do commercials (expensive). The sheer value that can be obtained from a public relations initiative is immense. Being quoted in a newspaper, or having your company featured in a magazine, is a low cost way to reach an audience of thousands – if not millions – yet not without having to find the budget for a half-page ad. Able to point potential clients to a page that shows all of the well known media outlets your company has been quoted or featured, is priceless!.
  5. Know the value of a big-brand client: Letting the big client raise your credibility for you. Discount your service or even give it away for free! Don’t look at the amount of money you can bring in by landing oen big name client, look at the amount of additional clients you’ll attract by landing a big-brand client. Being able to tell the world that Optimal or Petronas is one of your clients adds instant credibility!..aren’t they?

So there you have it, a sample of strategies a firms can implement to escalate the growth of its business, InsyaAllah.


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    I would like to share this with you, because I like your advice. I could hardly believe this man is giving this information away for free. The link is: http://www.haraldanderson.com/searchmastery-mhiss.html

    It’s entirely about SEO and it’s great. You will have to sign up for his free newsletter but I encourage you do to so, after seeing and listening to this information.

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    wiizau said,

    marketlikehell, the link was worth downloading….the arts of SEO is revealed and thanks for sharing them here, i recommended others to visit the link and listen to them…thks for the enlightenment..

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    Asif Adnan said,

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know about marketing policy which could help me to ways out in certain position.


    Asif Adnan

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