Chelsea kalah

Nothing much to say…theres definitely a NO-NO quadruple for Chelsea… no champion League Cup this year ‘special one’…try again next year…

My personal calculations..the English premier league throne is seem fading..its almost impossible, since out of 3 games left MU have to loose 2 and chelsea have to win them all, maybe, …hmm judging from the last game played by MU…to be fair to Mu, its going to be tough game when MU-Chelsea clash later on…a DRAW (..deep down, i Need Chelsea to Win)…i believed if methematically posibble, then theres still a space for hope..and i hope my calculation is matching with ‘Above’ fixture..Ameen.

To comment on the 2nd leg match;

Honestly i didnt watch the first half cos i was watching Heroes Episode19 (..jus finished download them), even though it was save in hard drive, we cant wait any longger to watch while enjoying Heroes i follow life-score from soccernet, and chelsea was down by one goal.

Liverpool seem to have an edge playing at home..and its worty…they really have 12 players… . When it comes to penalty.. i knew that its Liverpool nite +seing the confident in rena face.

I congratulated both seems that the last joy belongs to Liverpool…May the Champions Cup is yours this year… .


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